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Hello World

by Subin Sudhakaran / 25th March, 2020


What to expect in my blog posts

I love JavaScript. So thought of sharing the knowledge and ideas somewhere in the internet that i come across, where the intricate parts of JavaScript concepts are still unanswered. For building this blog it took me around 2 weeks to develop the interface and functionality, where i used GatsbyJS as my primary static site generator with GraphQL as the query language to fetch the markdown posts.

So, in this blog I will be writing posts that talk about topics such as Vanilla JavaScript, ReactJS, GatsbyJS, GraphQL and any Frontend related topics that I take interest in. Also let you know about any tools that I may find it worth sharing.

In addition, I will be writing about some tips and perhaps tutorials that I find it useful to me in development which may and may not be useful to someone else.

Post your doubts in I will be there for you guys, always. Thank you.